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One of the most important tools at Farmington Veterinary Clinic is our diagnostic laboratory. In the past, blood work had to be sent off to a laboratory, and results may not have been back for several days. Our experienced staff has the ability to run blood chemistries, complete blood counts (CBC), and electrolyte values in less than 20 minutes, enabling our veterinarians to make an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment right away.

Complete blood counts (CBCs) determine the amount of red and white cells, as well as platelets present in each blood sample we run. CBCs can indicate a number of issues; for example, low white cell counts can indicate leukemia or improper bone marrow production. High white counts may mean infection. High red cell counts may indicate dehydration, while low counts may mean an animal is anemic.

Blood chemistry values indicate the level of organ function in a pet. The analyzers at Farmington Veterinary Clinic can determine if your pet’s liver, kidney and pancreas are functioning properly.

Our veterinarians highly recommend running pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any surgical procedure, to help insure each pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. Also, as dogs and cats age, it is important to obtain blood values to help diagnose possible issues earlier, so treatment may begin if necessary. Whether your pet is facing a surgical procedure or needs a wellness exam, you can count on the diagnostic lab and experience of our veterinarians for the health of your pet.

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